Last years guests had this to say after our time together:


'Wendy has opened up parts of me I forgot were even there'

'A huge shift about my own self perception'

'The most transformative week of my life so far'

'The feeling of being safe in myself, maybe for the first time ever'

'Something had been painful for so long, that I wanted to free myself from.  I did just that'

'Freedom, I can't even begin to explain what this means to me'

'It's really hared to explain or describe what this week meant to me, but everyone who was there gets it, it was magical'

'The most life changing retreat.  Wendy is magic, she knows what's up even when you don't quite know.....she made me have some real lightbulb moments, guided us through the whole thing.  I have no words other than incredible'


These retreats are 5 days going deep together in a group of no more than 12, and are specifically designed to take you on a journey.  Using a variety of techniques, workshops and coaching which is then supported by ‘Beyond the Retreat’ (a period of accountability and follow up group calls to ensure that the work we do lasts with you in ‘real life’).

The next retreat is yet to be announced but there will be one in October 2024 - please register your interest here.  Due to demand other dates may also be released.

The price of the 2023 retreat was £2,800 including VAT for guidance of cost



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