"I'm not entirely sure what she does, but I know that I've not only achieved what I set out six months ago, but I'm happier, things are easier and I actually have a totally different awareness of myself."  


I specialise in supporting established entrepreneurs, creatives and public figures who are looking for their full desires to be unleashed, getting more of their whole self in both their life and business.  Feeling in flow and in full pleasure rather than in push and pull.

I use a unique mix of consultancy, coaching, somatic work and energy healing together with a whole host of other weird and wonderful tools. Describing what I do can be difficult, as through years of experience, I’ve arrived at a place where I blend what is needed for each client to create exactly what is needed.


This unique skill set enables me to offer clients the space and insight they need to make radical change that gives them a deep rooted sense of power, confidence and freedom.  To really understand their identity, patterns of self-sabotage and pinpoint triggers they’re often not even aware of, regulating the emotions that are driving their destructive or reductive behaviour. It’s a past (even past lives), present and future approach that allows them to let go of limitations and clearly strategise their way to success in a way that’s totally tailored to them.



I work on the basis that we cover everything so that you can stop holding back in your own life!


I help people to recognise the identity they have created and are often hiding behind. The things they are reacting to (or running away from), the concerns they’re letting simmer and the magic they need to (and can) unlock. 


Because we all are wilding capable of living in overflow when we get out of our own damn way!



If you choose to work with me, you can trust it will be my desire and intention to hold you through all that needs to be uncovered.  The sessions. are always designed to leave you feeling powerful and to ensure that you stop holding yourself back. 


Some things we have to work through are affronting and challenging, let's not lie, but they leave you free, feeling safe to use your voice and liberated to love even your shadows! 


Make no mistake, this is the most powerful decision you will make for yourself, your deepest desires and it will overflow through life and business.

Let’s face it, being human is f***ing hard at times, busy and there's a lot of reasons why you can't do this that you can think of.  I invite you to flip it to a question I ask myself regularly, what will be the impact if I don't do this?   Get in touch for a cuppa and a chat if you want to know more.


You are wildly capable of so much more than you think.

More about The Completion Coach

"Despite being professionally very successful and happy in a relationship, something was off.  A niggle.  Difficult to describe. I kept self-sabotaging some really great things.  Not only did we get to the bottom of it, changing it was so much easier than I thought it would be.  Life is good!"

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