"Wendy will help you expand your horizons beyond anything you think possible." - Lucy Mountain - Entrepreneur

I specialise in supporting 'accidental leaders'.  What I mean by that is your success (role, business, position, visibility) is a result of a drive to overachieve, be very busy and prove yourself on some level.  This is a result of a combination of work and 'achieving' feeling safe and a way to actually get some of your emotional needs met AND simultaneously avoided.  That sway between avoidance of your feelings and anxious attachment to almost feeling better through doing.

This will have been done quite unknowingly.


From public figures,  entrepreneurs, solopreneurs to c-suite executives; basically individuals who identify as hyper independent, self-sufficient and often hyper visible. 


To sum up how I work would be to say "I help people to process their inner world and emotions to enable them to match the curated outer world."


You do a brilliant job of appearing confident, but struggle with a deeper insecurity and self-doubt beneath a carefully curated image. You’re most likely perceived as pretty successful and as the person who may appear to never have any real problems…in fact people come to YOU with problems right?!


It's likely you are really good at putting on a front to cover up what’s really going on in your mind and how you feel about things, including yourself.


Beneath this exterior, you have an overriding fear of being abandoned, losing it all, or not being loveable. You are most likely “the fixer” and peacekeeper, and may find yourself helping everyone else, at the expense of your own needs… which creates a stuckness and stagnancy in your own life and work; if you read this far, its likely you are feeling ready to break this cycle.

I help you identify unconscious patterns so you can break out of them for good.


This isn't about a ‘5 step plan’ or surface level strategy - it's about getting into the bones of what is holding you back, deep diving into the subconscious mind and emotional body, so that we can finally break the cycles you’ve found yourself stuck in for so long. 


Up until now, you’ve managed to keep things 'looking good' on the outside, and distracted yourself to a point of not needing to question your current reality and how it truly feels to live within its walls; where your needs aren’t met and you’ve abandoned yourself to please everybody else. That time is coming to an end, and you’re only reading this because you are now ready to reclaim your power and create the change you deserve.


I can’t wait to help you crack your own codes and finally start to truly enjoy who you are. 

I am an accredited trauma informed coach with much of my work based in practical, fluff-free, evidence based techniques. I also work with energy, spirit and healing methods - giving us a blend of tools to use to ensure the best experience for you.  I use the term 'coach' but I have always been unconventional and how I facilitate our partnership will be based upon your needs.  I would like to make clear that on any consultation call, I am not deciding if you are a fit for me, but jointly we investigate if my particular style would be beneficial for you.


I have extensive experience in dealing with abandonment, guilt and a block of emotional unavailability wounding which I often refer to as a 'Mother wound' albeit this does not mean that there is an issue with your relationship with Mum!  It is an umbrella term I use for all of the fears, blocks and limits you may not realise you have and you likely do not understand why you have it.   

It is something I will explain in depth on our consultation call to give you greater understanding of my work and perhaps yourself.  

This is a past, present and future approach that leaves no stone unturned and allows you to not just unearth where your limitations have come from, but to then also release them, resolve them and take action towards your new reality.

The work we do together will impact EVERY SINGLE area of your life; the core of which will be in you feeling emotionally safe and secure.  

We are changing how you actually feel about yourself and your potential, what you believe about who you are, together with an actionable REAL LIFE plan on how to move forwards.  

You are wildly capable of so much more than you think.

Are you ready?


"I swear Wendy's magic. I'm so grateful for having found her. I would not be where I am now without her support- Lucy Mountain - Entrepreneur


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