what is the completion method? 

I have seen over-achieving and accountability being used time and time again to bypass personal growth.  My practices are to ensure that the emotional strategy and internal work is truly looked at, to ensure that we move out of well-known distraction and avoidance techniques, and into grounded follow-through.  

From working with clients it became apparent that using a mix of mind, body, and energetic techniques to communicate, enables them to find answers far quicker, and removed from what they 'think' they should be doing/saying.  

Moving them from emotionally rigid, driven by the need to push down feelings, and appear externally good. To connecting with vulnerability, connection and intimacy - that feels good.

A past, present, future approach that is continuously in motion, ensuring maximum growth, and the development of your emotional agility.


the completion method: 1:1

Six whole months working together to dig deeper into your self-discovery and transformation.  HALF A YEAR.  The progress we make is huge.

We will look at your current landscape, and use tools to understand your emotional drivers, root causes and deep-seated blocks.  Enabling us to use that information to process, integrate and ultimately break free from their limitations. 

Finding those invisible yet clearly felt edges, and creating lasting shifts. 

This experience involves in-person and online coaching.  We begin with a full day together and continue via Zoom and Voxer.  There is flexibility to have further in-person use of our time together.


Price £14,000 including VAT

When we go all in on a six month coaching relationship, we get to work on multiple goals at once, and deal with 'real life' as it presents itself along the way.   There are always hurdles, interruptions and resistance, which we get to address as they arise, as well as being able to objectively review things together. 

Everything is welcome and conflict resolution, effective communication and overcoming blocks is a fundamental part of our work together.  We will address all that is hiding in plain sight, that creates your internal tension.

Establishing root cause, creating change, instilling reframes, and a clear actionable plan to move forwards - in a way that feels good. 

This creates sustainability and becomes a method you can use the tools to live by.

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