Workforce wellbeing is dipping, despite more focus being placed on improving it. Why is that?

Deloitte’s Wellbeing at Work survey 2023 reports these statistics from staff (non C-Suite): “always” or “often” feel exhausted (52%) or stressed (49%), and others report feeling overwhelmed (43%), irritable (34%), lonely (33%), depressed (32%), and even angry (27%).  Managers and executives are struggling too, and are less likely to report these sentiments.

The statistics that really stood out to me are:

60% of employees, 64% of managers, and 75% of the C-suite are seriously considering quitting for a job that would better support their well-being.

What this is showing me is that despite our view that the 'further we progress, the better it will get', these statistics are showing us that those in leadership positions are struggling, not just with their own well-being, but the impact of trying to navigate the well-being of their teams.  

A further report suggests 88% of employees in the UK experienced burnout in the last two years with an ‘increase in stress’, accounting for half of all work-related ill health and time off. 

I strongly believe that working with managers and those in positions of leadership, including C-Suite, enables there to be a far bigger impact for the company, the culture and ultimately the team.  

There needs to be a complete understanding and embrace of what ‘well-being’ will actually mean in your company, from the people who not only make the decisions but also need to lead, support, and implement these changes. 

I offer interactive workshops (in person and online); well-being days or retreats, together with longer term consultancy to support your staff 1:1, in groups and in a way that enables sustainable, long-term wellbeing growth in the company .

To understand the offers that I have available and what may be of interest to your company, please complete the enquiry form and we will be in touch within 3 working days.  

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Typical workshop ideas are listed below (not limited to):

  • BE SO GOOD THEY CAN'T IGNORE YOU - Empower your team with the tools to take ownership of their wellbeing, their communication, and ultimately their success
  • Tools to overcome imposter syndrome and tackle your role differently 
  • Shift from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset so that your team become happier, more productive, and in self-leadership 
  • Create more impact and influence by changing conversations, creating a dynamic culture and seeing a boost in morale, engagement, and how your team shows up at work
  • Emotional Intelligence for leadership
  • Personal Branding in the Corporate world
  • Overcoming Invisibility
  • Values Matter

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