With 488,000 cases of work-related stress, anxiety or depression being reported in the period 2015-16 (Deloitte, 2018), the need for companies to provide and evidence the support they are providing for their teams has never been greater.

The corporate world now has invitation to include dynamic and creative approach to mindfulness and presence in the workplace in its employee wellbeing programs.

Your people are surrounded by distractions…

A brief Amazon search will see your screen flood with titles telling you ‘How to break up with your phone’ and ‘digital detox’ clearly highlighting the wrangle we are each experiencing with our devices causing distraction and procrastination.

Is it any wonder at a time when we are busier than ever, more distracted than ever that we feel overwhelmed & exhausted that this is having a negative effect on our mindset and even our health?

In addition the search term for “overthinking” has steadily been on the rise for the last 5 years, with a clear spiking in the last 12 months. Your team may well be performing at work and getting stuff done, however, it seems more and more of us are developing a negative mindset and actually feeling overwhelmed.

I specialise in all things mindset. Looking at our internal stories and how much impact they are having on our day to day lives.

The Completion Coaching programme works with your team to take them from a fixed mindset into a growth mindset.  With so many reported cases of stress and overwhelm in the workplace caused in part by the feeling of being overwhelmed, the coaching focuses on self-limiting beliefs together with mindfulness.   

We are busy.  We are distracted more than ever and in a comparison trap caused by the overwhelm to our senses of what other people are doing.   In the rush to succeed, many people have forgotten their original goal.

 The coaching I do helps your team with the following:

 ·         Acknowledge weaknesses

·         Try different learning tactics

·         Learn to enjoy failing

·         Stop seeking approval

·         Cultivate a sense of purpose and perspective

·         Celebrate their growth

 Within the coaching I use NLP and mindfulness practices to re-frame thoughts, choose reactions and develop a strong self esteem baseline.  Through journal practice we look to find our own patterns, use clear goal setting techniques which reduce overwhelm and encourage compound effects of making small adjustments which are long-lasting and step away from “12 week transformations” together with an “all or nothing mindset” which often causes burnout. 

 I introduce a meditation practice which can be used throughout the day to disrupt thoughts together with a visualisation technique which can be used for any part of their lives to encourage growth and willingness to consider what is possible. 

 Most importantly the coaching is designed to help your people feel empowered with the ability to handle moments of stress, reduce overwhelm and continue to coach themselves into better outcomes.


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These sessions can be 1-2-1, a theme of a group workshop or self development session and are perfect as standalone activities for staff or as a regular spot on the wellbeing calendar.

Get in touch with me to discuss further if a corporate session sounds like a fit for your business.