First of all, let me just confirm, I can't wait to get stuck in with you.  What you may perceive as problems or a lack of clarity, I see as brilliant data.  You see, I'm an unusual thinker, who sees a lot of things differently, and helps you to achieve uncommon results.  We create a carved out space to uncover blind spots, dig into things creatively, and think at a very different level. 
I specialise in working with high-functioning individuals, they are fast, always 'on', problem solvers, and driven.  They are likely used to doing everything 'on their own', capable, and yet quite silently getting in their own way.

Likely sensitive to 'right and wrong', you attempt to think your feelings, are driven to want to improve things, yet in areas of your life are so rigid and not taking action, out of fear of 'being wrong', or 'getting it wrong'.  There can be an element of not enjoying your achievements and constantly taking on too much.

This shows up for many as high functioning anxiety, people-pleasing, spending a lot of your time achieving, often avoiding other areas of your life, or projects that you have a deep passion for.  Operating from stress is not unusual to you, and actually you are used to a nervous system that's never quite relaxed.  

Many of my clients are highly visible in some way and their desire for privacy has justified them hiding in plain sight, (publicly and from themselves).

Growth is continuous and happens in real life, not theory.  That means we establish your 'inner' truth; not your well-versed presented ways, but the reality of how you are making decisions, what is influencing you and what is impacting you in a way that you might not have considered before. 

We then get to work on the information we gain, not just bypassing or attempting to override it, but with techniques to shift how you think and feel, so that you can go on to reframe, refocus and adapt in a way that let’s you create what you do want, and be more of your true self. 

One thing you should know is that I really do work closely with my clients.  We will create a relationship that enables you to move forwards with a firm agreement that we will openly and honestly tackle challenges along the way.  Making use of the contact between sessions, finding the key to balancing the gifts within hyper-independence, and unleashing your repressed creativity. 

We follow-through, differently.  We create that internal completion to enable you to not only think differently, but feel very differently.

Ready to see things through?


Having an unbiased person who offers challenging support, together with a blend of time in-person and online, means that a relationship is built quickly, on strong foundations. 

I have had the pleasure to work with a range of people over the years, from founders, sports professionals, CEO's, to solicitors, ex-military, retirees, and a variety of creatives.  All highly visible, successful, and yet hiding in plain sight.

Each and every client normally experiences difficulty in receiving help and my approach has enabled them to feel seen, heard, supported and challenged, without feeling exposed, weak or to try and distract the process with their default desire to be performative.

This enables rapid shifts and long-term change to take place in a way that feels true to you, whilst using  techniques along the way to prevent the ways you normally attempt to self sabotage.

Accredited in Integrated Trauma Informed Somatic Coaching (ICF, CCE, CPD, ACCPH) amongst many other modalities (examples: EFT, Breath Work, Hypnosis, Positive Psychology) I have developed a method that my client's have not experienced before, creating an environment for them to fully open up in a way that they would normally struggle to.

Rest assured our work is held in complete confidentiality.  There are no assumptions made and we will always explore what is needed for you as an individual.

This is not therapy.  Many clients may be working with a therapist at the same time, or we may establish there is work to be done with a therapist.

The company is also a proud member of the Good Business Charter which is reflected in every aspect of how I carry out business and employment.

Accredited in Integrated Trauma Informed Somatic Coaching amongst other modalities, I have developed a method that my client's have not experienced before, creating an environment for them to fully open up in a way that they would normally struggle to.

Rest assured I will not make assumptions about you and our work is held in complete confidentiality.





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