The Alchemise Sessions enable you to accelerate transformation in your life.

This tailored 1:1 coaching experience is centered on you, your healing, together with your very practical progress, moving forwards in a specific area of your life.

This work is deep, fast, and lasting.  It is fundamentally a shift that changes how you feel, which ultimately enables you to lift limiting beliefs, automatic behaviour, and create change in your life.  

Alchemise is a way to speed up the process from where you are right now and the challenges you are facing, to following-through.....differently.  

This coaching can cover both personal and professional development.  This is aimed at us tackling specific issues within a period of time together.

*Client's are then offered ways on how to continue to work with me for six months, or a specific time period based on where you are.  The majority of my clients work with me on a long-term basis, however, this package is stand-alone with absolutely no commitment from you to continue further.

In our time together we can cover a whole host of subjects, some common themes touched upon with clients are listed below:

  • Stop STARTING, and start COMPLETING - for those of you who can resonate with being perpetual¬†starters in some areas of your life, with a common theme of rarely completing - you are in the right place!
  • Understanding why you have a feeling of being unfulfilled and what you need to do¬†to connect back to yourself, deeply
  • Deeper¬†relationships and communication (real communication, not making everyone else feel comfortable or better).¬† Both personally and professionally.
  • To demonstrate a more secure attachment style¬†
  • Achieve specific professional goals in a way that expands how they feel about themselves
  • To create strategy, both practically and emotionally to move forwards with a business, goal, or decision
  • To have a really healthy connection with themselves, enabling them to¬†thrive in both their personal and professional life
  • To¬†expand on¬†capacity and¬†emotional agility¬†to follow-through on specific goals, that are not rooted in burnout.¬†
  • Release repressed creativity
  • Looking¬†to¬†navigate the fears¬†associated with hyper-visibility¬†
  • Achieving clarity - moving away from lack of direction, hiding, or misaligned goals
  • Developing Team Leadership
  • Delve deeply into true¬†values, identity, boundaries and integration
  • Turn challenge and conflict into growth in all areas of your life, avoiding your well-versed self-sabotage techniques
  • Experience your own energy, guidance, and tap into your¬†inner knowing¬†to gain answers, reframes and clarity in a whole new way (even you non-believers!)
  • Understand your self-sabotage techniques, identify the root cause and make change, quickly.

A consultation call is required prior to booking this package to answer all of your questions, and ensure we are a good fit to tackle your current situation

You can expect a direct, practical, and result-oriented chat that is open-minded and offers clarity on what you can expect.

If you're in search of deep change, facilitated by a highly experienced professional, who can objectively assess your situation, address your challenges holistically, and develop a clear, actionable plan, then it is likely I'm a good fit for you.

If we are a fit, then there will be a deep dive questionnaire for you to complete, to ensure I can map out and maximise our time together with a clear agenda of outcomes.

* A contract is created for any client, confirming breakout at any point, clear refund terms, together with professional limitations (ie when you would be referred to therapy etc)

This package can be taken over a maximum of 10 weeks.  We start with either two longer calls online (2.5 hrs each); or an in-person day together, at my home in Northampton *(online only is of course available).  

In our time together we will uncover root causes, limiting beliefs, and hidden blocks in the areas you are looking for support and to create change.  

We then continue with a further 4 sessions via online video calls to create, and follow-through, on a clear plan to achieve your desired outcomes.  These sessions last typically between 60 - 75 mins.

There is continued support between those sessions (in agreed hours) on email and Whatsapp.  Documents can be sent for feedback, strategy reviewed, discussions around current obstacles etc - the in-between support is to be used to maximise our time together to your best results.

This is accelerated, intensive, coaching.  The coaching time together with support and check-in's, is far more than offered in traditional 3 month coaching containers.  We carry this work out to create impact and foundational change.


If held entirely online or we meet in person, rest assured the agreed results will be achieved.  We WILL create change.  Client's are then able to extend to work with me for a six month period or obtain retainer packages if required.

Strategic Coaching  

The price for this intensive package is £4,800 (including VAT).


A deposit of £800 is payable to secure your booking once you confirm you wish to proceed, a contract will also be issued and a suitable start date agreed.  Payment plans can be arranged if required.
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