We embrace Samhain but this can be done time and time again and learning about these dates and Goddess Hecate doesn't need it to be Halloween
Location: Online via zoom
Price: £39
(was live, now recorded for you to keep). The meditations done on the call are being recorded separately and will be sent to all purchases when ready

Are you tired of feeling stuck, held back, and unable to truly thrive? Do you feel like you've done 'the work' but there are still ways that you are self-sabotaging your life, but you just can't figure them out?

It's time to step foot on a transformative journey and embrace the power of Samhain; a magical and powerful time to take the unconscious and make it conscious.  


🌒 What to Expect: 🌘

🌟 Hidden Truths: In this workshop, you will explore the parts of yourself that you've hidden in the shadows. These aspects are secretly running your life in disempowering ways, but we'll bring them to light.

🌟 Emotional Healing: Unearth old wounds, let go of past pain, and see yourself fully.  No fixing to be done.  

🌟 Ceremony and Ritual: Embrace this potent time for ritual.  Connect to your inner guidance and work with the energies associated with transformation and rebirth.

🌟 Reclaim Lost Parts: Reconnect with the lost parts of yourself and integrate them into your being. This is the path to becoming more whole and empowered.

🌟 Death of the Old Self: Embrace the symbolism of Samhain as we guide you through a process of letting go of the outdated parts and stories that no longer serves you.

🌟 Birth of the New: From the ashes of the old, a new and empowered you will emerge. This workshop is a catalyst for your personal rebirth.


Bring with you a pad and pen, a candle to burn, a tea, together with an open heart and mind.


Meet Your Host


Hi, I'm Wend, also known as The Completion Coach.  I'm a self development coach and consultant working with people to access all parts of themselves, in order to complete on their deepest desires, understand themselves differently, and ultimately access more of what they want from life.  My work is based in practical, evidence-based methods, mixed with my very own blend of magic! 




Will it be recorded?  Yes, the session is ran live, however it is recorded.  The recording will be sent out the following working day for you to watch in your own time.  
Do I need to have my screen on?  No, you are free to put screen on or keep it off and questions can be asked along the way or at the end in the question box which will be open.
Can I get a refund?  Any refunds will need to be requested PRIOR to the event taking place on 31st October, at that time the event becomes non-refundable.  This is a digital download once the event has started.
PLEASE NOTE: If you are unable to attend for any reason e.g you encounter a tech issue or you can't access the live session, please do not worry as you will be sent the recording within 24 hours.  Once I am running the session I cannot monitor emails or people trying to gain access.