The doors to this challenge are now closed.

I will be back soon.

I created this practice initially for me.  To get back to my way of manifesting, which is rooted in being intentional, committed, and connected.


So much of the work I do with people is about creating safety in their inner world, their self connection, and their body mind.  


In my world manifestation done intentionally is to be so deeply committed to connecting to yourself that you feel as if you are acting, speaking and living ‘on purpose’.  


When was the last time you were deeply committed to anything just for you?  


This challenge will be 100 emails sent over 100 days supporting you to choose something for yourself and to keep choosing.  


Some emails will be questions, some will hold an audio or make a suggestion for a different way to meditate, some will be to challenge you to keep going.  This isn’t a spoon fed operation of 100 recordings and specific rituals and times to do, ways to do it and ‘rules’ to follow.  This is for you to EXPLORE what it all means to you and connect to yourself.  


The only ‘rules’ as such are these:


Meditate once a day - any time, any style, any way (some recommendations and audios will be included)

Hydrate  -  I see too many dehydrated people out there feeling stuck, get adequate water in

Gratitude - We will be looking at gratitude daily

Intention - I am asking every one sets an intention for the day 

Get out in nature - Put your feet on the bare grass, hug a tree, go for a walk. Breathe in that fresh air.


That’s it.  As easy to do as not to do.  The bare minimum some days and the deepest of dives on others. Let it be what it evolves to be. Nurture this, don’t force it.


Each day you will receive an email.

Each day you will have an opportunity to commit to yourself.

Each day you will consciously connect to yourself.

Each day you will intentionally connect to manifestation.


THIS IS FREE to sign up to, however, sign up because you are committed, not because it is free! 

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