Book an intensive expansion consultancy session with Wendy

These intensive two-hour sessions are for established business owners, creatives and public figures who are looking for guidance around how to navigate a specific challenge/direction on how to overcome a particular obstacle in life or business.


The sessions are as unique as you are, designed to offer you clarity and insight from a short space of time together, with new awareness and practical outcomes for you to take away. 


If you know the value of having an outsider's objective point-of-view, then this consult may just be the perfect fit. External conversations with those not connected to you (or your business) can be incredibly worthwhile; not only would I be able to offer the knowledge from my areas of expertise and experience, I can do so unbiasedly.


Please note that this is a high-level consultancy session. I will not just be asking questions and listening, but offering specialist advice tailored to the evidence I find from our session.


Together, we'll come up with a clear action plan, that's as practical as it is productive.

These sessions are great for, but not limited to, those looking for help with:


  • Breaking away from viewing your social media analytics as a reflection of your self worth

  • Overcome feeling lost (or reactive) with your social media or business so you can get in flow again

  • Feeling confident and secure in your success without self-sabotage

  • Stop feeling defensive about everything you say or don't say for fear of backlash and instead feel confident on your own social platforms

  • How to stop living in fear of losing your momentum/success/finances/relationships and instead enjoy sustaining them!

  • Concerned that your level of online visibility or success will come at the cost of a great relationship or your friendships

What's next?


Once you've paid for the session, using the checkout link on this page,  I will email you my diary (within 24 hours) so you can select your preferred date to work with me within the next 8 weeks.

Following this, a detailed questionnaire will be sent to you to complete and return before our session to ensure our time together is spent effectively from the moment we sit down.  

 A follow up call of 30 minutes will be available one week after our call to allow the information to be absorbed, check in and answer any further questions you have.

2-hour Consultancy Session



DISCLAIMER: The above are common areas I assist clients with but you can raise your desired focus point as part of the intake form which is sent to you once the booking is complete, due to the bespoke nature of my service refunds cannot be issued.  However, you can reschedule your session with at least 24hrs notice.

'Wendy is an incredibly positive person with a natural way of helping you see things from a different perspective and break things down into manageable steps. Without this coaching I'm not sure how long it would have been, if ever, before taking a step in the right direction."

'It's very difficult, when you're in your own bubble to spot patterns of behaviour or habits. The session with her was enlightening and uplifting, and importantly has given me the tools to succeed and sustain the path I'm on. She's in it with you."

'The one thing that held me back in life was my inability to finish anything, and with that issue now solved my life and success is sky rocketing and I'm so excited! I've had many coaches in my life but none anywhere as incredible as [Wendy]'

'Working with Wendy has been an absolute DREAM. She's helped me get clear on who I am, what I want, my self-limiting beliefs and what's holding me back'

"If you know the value of having an outsider's objective point-of-view, then this consult may just be the perfect fit. 

I offer knowledge and expertise acquired through years of education and experience to help you create a clear path forwards"

2-hour Consultancy Session