Join me for a  workshop to understand yourself a little better.


This is for those who feel seen by the following description... 


You get described as 'sensitive' and find yourself worrying what people think about you.


You are a bit 'boundary-less' with yourself and in what you put into relationships. You love helping others and hate the idea of confrontation.


You can feel like you're needy and insecure (an unresponded text message will bother you, a lot).


You have a pattern of never seeing an idea through or not speaking up with suggestions… ever.


I’m guessing you would never tell anyone if they upset you and tell them it’s fine...


You can get defensive if people offer you help or give you advice, and retreat when you get the inkling that someone is annoyed at you or you’ve upset them. 


Your inner critic isn’t just harsh, it also makes you feel guilty and you end up making decisions out of guilt.


Sound familiar? 


I could go on, but let’s just sum up to say the above themes show up in so many ways and can ultimately leave you feeling like you are only really wanted when you are needed.

You would love to be able to break the pattern and actually let a bit more YOU out - whoever that is - and gain some understanding on why you feel this way.


 There are things about you that have probably not made much sense before when it comes to why you act and feel so differently around people.


  This workshop is here to help you to change all that.


Learn to understand yourself and start to discover who you are outside of these behaviours, which aren’t ‘just who you are’ but are things that can be changed.


Are you ready for more?




The Boundaries Workshop.



The Boundaries Workshop - £30

Just bring a pen and paper 


"This one stopped me in my tracks... So much to absorb. So arresting. I’m tuned into your voice, pace and style. Your meditations from The Big Shift guide me every day. You’re building a library of self care I can return to as often as I need. I did The Big Shift 12 months ago and re-read all my notes last week while on holiday. You must have opened a trap door between my conscious and unconscious minds. So much of what I haven’t consciously worked on has changed since finishing that course. It was amazing to feel that. Keep building this programme please - it’s zooming me into focus in my own life. It’s awakening whole sides of me I’ve kept in the dark for years. It’s getting me out of my own way. I’m in a new era vibration. Things are loosening up."