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Hosted by Megan Rose Lane and Wendy O'Beirne 


A life that is dedicated to pleasing others at the expense of your own happiness, is one that’s rooted in low self-worth, fear and pain.

 We know exactly how you feel. We’ve both been there, and we’re ready to show you a new way - a way where you can still be a beautiful giver, a person who lives in service to others… whilst also feeling full, whole, worthy and absolutely free to be who you came here to be.

 It’s time to stop abandoning yourself, sacrificing your truth, running on empty, feeling totally exhausted and giving far more than you’d ever allow yourself to receive.

It’s time to return home to yourself.

The desire to make others happy and the willingness to self-sacrifice in order to earn love and appease others, are symptoms of a deeper issue and it’s one that deserves your loving care and attention.


You came here to live your life for you. You were not put on this earth to abandon yourself.

When you are overflowing with life-force energy, connected to your radiance and understand your infinite worth - everybody around you will benefit.

This is the power of giving to others from a place of  abundance, instead of fear and lack.

You hate the idea of disappointing anybody, and you’d rather disappoint yourself than the people in your life. You struggle to say no, find yourself censoring and editing your words and actions to mold yourself for the comfort of others.


You struggle with the thought of being disliked, and you thrive on other people’s approval of you. This means you are often a peacekeeper, trying to keep everyone happy and you might even feel like other people's emotions are your responsibility.


You are always chasing a sense of worthiness through constant giving, action, and going above and beyond to help others.  In fact, you have even forgotten what your desires and dreams are because it’s been so long since you were connected with the truth of your heart.


You abandon your own needs, treat other people better than you treat yourself, feel lost in a sea of ‘should’s’ and feel disconnected from you sense of identity.


You are ready to heal, reclaim your power and set yourself free.

Are you ready to get YOU back?

Grab this 2-hr masterclass REPLAY with bonus journaling prompts 💖



"Wow, that was amazing! I have never felt so seen for all my behaviours! Massive lightbulb when you talked about learning something new...could probs write a whole essay on all of the light bulb moments I’ve had!"


"Something in me knew I needed this as I’ve been following you both for a while and when I saw the workshop come up my immediate reaction was YES!" 

  1. What people pleasing is, the root cause and awareness of how it’s manifesting in your own life.

  2. Why pleasing others leaves us feeling so exhausted, empty and drained.

  3. Why we wear those feelings as a badge of honour and what to do about it.

  4. How to love yourself back into wholeness.

  5. How to open your heart to yourself, and let yourself receive again.

  6. How to start setting boundaries and honour yourself and your own needs.

  7. How to start communicating your new boundaries and respond to any criticism.

  8. The importance of self-care and self-love in the process of healing from people-pleasing.

  9. The difference between giving from love, and giving to win love.

  10. How to reconnect back to your life force, fill yourself from within and give from a place of abundance.

  11. How to honour your own needs without guilt or shame.

  12.  How to be truly free, empowered and happy.

It’s time to get YOU back.

She’s waiting.

Are you ready?

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