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5 x 45-minute pre-recorded sessions

+ supporting workbooks, practices, rituals and guided visualisations.




First and foremost I am not religious.

I know FAITH as a word might just niggle you. So before you swipe off, read a bit more...


Faith means trust.  To trust in something you haven’t perhaps been able to see yet, but you have faith in it.

Self-trust. Knowing. Feeling.

For most people, faith is only truly apparent when they know that they’ve lost it.


I know you have already worked on thoughts and dug into beliefs. They are SO important and without doubt the supporting tools to changes, but they get to support you in a whole different way when you have a true sense of faith.


Having trust in something is one thing. Having trust in yourself is an entirely different process, an emotion-lead one. 



This 5 day experience is for those of you who are ready to show up differently. To make progress, differently. 

I already know that you are HYPED after any talk or webinar or see a post and think 'YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!', that is talking to me!


But, when you are honest, if you look around you right now, no matter what you are thinking, or even saying... nothing's changing.

You don’t truly believe it will happen.

You still think it’s for THEM or you are doing something wrong.  


A sentence I found I said a lot in my 1:1 work was ‘when you can’t trust yourself, please remember that I have trust in you’


Over these 5 days we are going to look to cultivate your growth. Which is such a personal thing.

You see, we are not all meant to want the same things, let alone see the same things or even believe the same things. 

We are individuals, exactly as we should be.  

During these 5 days I want you to be able to truly go inwards. To look at your SELF trust - your own feelings about yourself. 

Your supporting actions change when you have FAITH. 


I lot of people find it easier to have faith in things outside of them.

The moon. The universe. God. Oracle Cards. Even me.

 I want you to know that faith really is possible in you. 

DEEPLY in you.  


Only then can that faith truly extend beyond you to faith in other things supporting you.  Rather than it simply being hope. 


In fact hope without faith is what I see for a lot of people.

There’s not much more to say about it.

You either know you want this or you know you don’t.

This course incudes 5 recorded sessions with supporting practices you can use to really build this faith. 


It won’t all happen in 5 days and you have total faith.

You will understand it. Start to process it. Start to own it.

But building it will take commitment.

Are you ready for a commitment to yourself?


You will be tasked to BE. To DO.  

To honour that commitment to yourself, differently.


You will nurture your faith. Cultivate.

You will then be tasked to test your faith.

You will then be tasked to build it. Daily.  

This isn’t a watch and nod exercise.  


This is a watch, BE, DO, HAVE programme.


If you don’t believe you have time, you definitely need it.

If you don’t believe it will work for you, you definitely need it.

If you are a self-help junkie or have a ton of things to watch/do/finish then please don’t add this to the pile.  


This will be about PRACTICE, cultivating a practice to your faith.


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