Moving you from avoiding, abandoning and self-sabotaging to liberated AF, magnetic and daring to take the lead in your own life!



A 6-month journey to awaken your true magic, understand yourself fully, discover what you really want from life AND make the moves to get it.


It's time to become UNSTUCK. 

We will create a space to bring ALL of you, as you are right now, this isn’t just personal development but soul growth, spiritual development and really coming home to yourself like never before - all while getting sh*t done.

Our relationship with ourselves should be one that we pay full attention to, but is so often overlooked in our pursuit of happiness in all the things we *think* we should be doing.

Trying to override our behaviours or change our thoughts can lead to burn out, and we can’t quite figure out what we are doing wrong and why the process feels so exhausting.

My intention with this course is to liberate you, not just from where you are right now but also from where you think you are contained, limited or just plain scared.

Because most people I work with, no matter how it looks on paper, are holding back from their full potential, expression and desires. I will be guiding you away from constant avoiding, abandoning and your own (well known) self-sabotage patterns to actually daring to take the lead in your own life. 

You see, I am passionate about people getting to understand themselves and the identity they have created, getting beneath the surface and then seeing them light up in their ambitions, desires and being able to communicate not just with other people, but with themselves - like never before. 

There are so many circumstances that we attach meaning about ourselves from, and until we realise how this is impacting our behaviours, thoughts and fears it can feel like digging constantly into the same cycles. 


Because change can happen.


In order to truly be able to make a lifelong change that feels good, we have to be willing to challenge ourselves, and it is difficult to truly challenge ourselves when we don’t have answers, let alone the right questions.


I want you to be finishing that book proposal, wearing the damn outfit, speaking up from your heart, owning your internal boundaries and approaching your life, not through rose tinted glasses, but from heartfelt love for yourself and the f*cking wonderful human that you are!


We will be using both psychology and spirituality to unearth you from where you are to where you want to be, in all areas of life.  Moving you from someone who generally feels anxiously attached and flips to avoidant constantly (relationships, friendships, projects, ideas etc.), to someone who can recognise what is happening and make consistent, feel-good changes that expand your life.

 If right now you struggle right to even know what you like or want, have found yourself in avoidance mode and constantly taking on supporting roles, then first of all welcome.


It is not unusual, you are not weird and there are some very real reasons why you feel the way you do.  I’m talking about not wanting to cause an argument so finding yourself agreeing with people on everything, feeling bad if you want to do something for yourself, often saying ‘what do you think?’ or feeling unsure, in fact in so many situations coming away thinking ‘I wish I had said that’ instead of holding it in.


Really feeling other people’s moods to such a degree that you alter your behaviour to suit that mood and your decision making is often one that takes other people into consideration first, you second


This journey will be also be exploring what I refer to as ‘The Mother/Abandonment Wound’, in reality, it does not have to be about the mother in your life, but is a set of circumstances around emotional availability you had around you in your younger years.  


Often described as sensitive (or an empath), you feel everyone's feelings as if they were your own and how people feel about you matters deeply. You really want to belong and often, despite your best efforts, you can feel as if you only belong when you are needed, meaning your boundaries are more or less non-existent, and the prospect of asking for help or even receiving it, makes you feel very uncomfortable. 


Not only is this showing up in relationships but it is getting in the way of almost everything you want to do because you are seeking permission that you are not able to gain; because it needs to come from you and right now you don’t know how to do that. Not really. 


It’s exhausting constantly second-guessing what everyone thinks about you or feels about you and the amount of time spent overthinking is a part-time job.  


Your acts of service are well known, I mean, you help everyone out, never tell anyone how you are really feeling and often feel like you are just doing ‘the right thing’. I know something about you and that is, if we are going to be really honest, you operate from guilt.


It is subtle, often unnoticeable but if we were to really dig into things, you would feel guilty saying no, feel guilty doing really well and guilty if you had an extraordinary life. 


With a deep-rooted fear of being abandoned or things not lasting, you have found yourself in a loop of behaviour that isn’t making you happy and leaves you daydreaming, saving empowering quotes that you desperately want to believe in and even in a cycle of debt, changing things externally that you are CONVINCED are going to make a change but in reality you are still doing to belong in some way.  Speaking your truth does not sound like fun and being able to sit with tension is a NO THANKS.


Learning why you feel uncomfortable in situations and where you censor yourself in the hope that people will stay.  


You can sometimes be surprised when people like you and you haven’t done anything for them and can often feel rejected when a 1:1 friendship forms into a bigger group. You may even feel like you speak up and ask for help but whenever you do, no one seems to listen.  

By the end of this six months you will be liberated from the outdated stories you have carried about yourself for so long that you believed were true and instead creating action from a place that not only feels right, but is supported by thoughts and beliefs that enable you to get results.



The 6-month timeframe has been chosen to ensure we spend half a year together (the same amount of time I work with my 1:1 clients), with three sessions a month set out in a way to really deepen your own experience (albeit at your own pace). 

The sessions are always recorded and kept in the member area of my website for you to work through in your own time and however many times you wish, with access for life.



This first week of each month will be EDUCATIONAL with me detailing out different information and techniques in order for you to enable self-enquiry.  These weeks will be supported with a workbook and pre-recorded meditation or EFT tapping video. 



Week two of each month will be about REGULATING your nervous system and body using different practices such as meditation, sound healing, somatic movement, breath work etc. We will also discuss spirituality, crystals and astrology together with rituals and practices. You might want to bring your broomstick! Ha ha...

Some weeks will also involve me bringing along special guests and being treated to some amazing teacher's magic.



Week three of each month will be to answer any questions I receive that week in a Q&A session with the option of a hot seat for anyone who wishes to work through something live on the call.  There will also be breakout rooms to talk through things with each other and get to know each other. 



Week four will be an integration week where you are given the space you need to embody the information, self reflection, rest and take time with all that you have learnt.

It's time to become Unstuck



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Payment plans are available to spread the cost over 3 months, 6 months and 10 months if required.

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'Wendy is an incredibly positive person with a natural way of helping you see things from a different perspective and break things down into manageable steps. Without this coaching I'm not sure how long it would have been, if ever, before taking a step in the right direction."

'It's very difficult, when you're in your own bubble to spot patterns of behaviour or habits. The session with her was enlightening and uplifting, and importantly has given me the tools to succeed and sustain the path I'm on. She's in it with you."

'The one thing that held me back in life was my inability to finish anything, and with that issue now solved my life and success is sky rocketing and I'm so excited! I've had many coaches in my life but none anywhere as incredible as [Wendy]'

'Working with Wendy has been an absolute DREAM. She's helped me get clear on who I am, what I want, my self-limiting beliefs and what's holding me back'