2-week intensive coaching package

This is an initial, yet big step to gain real clarity, receive practical, actionable advice and to resolve exactly what is keeping you stuck. 


We can make huge leaps in this time together.

We can uncover the true roadblocks.

We can do subconscious work, there and then. 

We can identify your unconscious emotional patterns so you can break out of them, for good. 

You will finish feeling extremely clear on what you want going forward with clarity on the steps to take to get there after our time together.


I am incredibly proud to say many of my client's come back to work with me again at different points due to the trust they have in our relationship, and the profound change they make after our sessions together. 


If you are looking to make change, get crystal clear on what you want and have a very open honest conversation with an experienced coach, this intensive offering is for you.


Think of these as real 'light bulb' moments paving the way for change and immediate progress.


Our time together will be extremely personal and used to achieve maximum results in a short period of time.

My intensive sessions are renowned for quickly uncovering the area you are feeling stuck and provide clarity and strategy on how to move forwards.


How do these sessions take place?  

Via Zoom - you can be anywhere in the world.


What is the 2-week Intensive Package?

  • Once you have booked your slot in the diary, you will be sent a detailed questionnaire to complete and return to me in advance of our initial session.  

  • The first session is a deep deep dive where we work on a conscious and subconscious level to gain total clarity on where you are, what needs to change and how.  This session can be 3 to 3.5 hours long.

  •  The second session takes place two weeks later where we are able to identify any ongoing concerns and curate a longer term roadmap.  This will run for 60-75 mins as needed.

  • Throughout this two week period you will also have access to me via Voxer. 


What is the cost?

This two week package is £1,700 plus VAT



DISCLAIMER: Due to the bespoke nature of my service refunds cannot be issued, however you can reschedule your session with at least 24hrs notice.