Alchemise is a magical six week (1:1) transformational experience centered on you, your deep healing and your very practical progress moving forwards. 


You appear to be thriving and successful to the external world, you could get away with doing no self-reflection or inner work and seem 'perfectly fine'.

But in truth, there is so much more going on under the surface.  Your internal world doesn't match the external world and right now, only you probably know that.


You are ready for more, tired of quietly abandoning yourself and are actually itching to feel more secure, fulfilled and powerful…


Does this sound familiar?

  • You want deeper and healthier relationships with yourself and others.
  • You want to learn how to communicate in a way that feels safe, grounded and from a gloriously regulated nervous system.
  • You want to cultivate and embody a more secure attachment style, in all of your relationships. (Showing up from a place of self assurance and inner safety. - you’ve got your own back, you feel supported from within).
  • You want to feel unstoppable in both life AND work.
  • You desire to understand who you are, and why you came to be the way you are - so that you can finally change the emotional charge that drives the actions that have been keeping you stuck and disempowered.
  • You are tired of feeling continuously stuck in the same old loop, and you’re ready to feel liberated from the past.
  • You are ready to cultivate the boundaries required for your freedom, and experience the unexpected JOY that these will bring.
  • You are ready to own your power, and become bolder in every area of your life, fully trusting yourself and your intuition.

I'll help you identify unconscious emotional patterns so you can break out of them for good.  

This is the end of people-pleasing as you know it. Never again will you need to resort to unconscious silent rage, coping mechanisms and numbing out in order to deal with life’s challenges.

This is the end of abandoning big ideas, your needs, your desires, your voice and yourself.

This is the end of doubting your infinite potential, shrinking yourself to fit in spaces you’ve outgrown and denying yourself of the life you truly want.

This is the end of 'all or nothing' behaviour and cycles of self-sabotage. 

This is the start of feeling absolutely safe in your own existence. So safe that you actually allow yourself to truly thrive and take up meaningful space in your own life.

  • A consultation call is required prior to booking, to make sure this experience is fully aligned with what you need. We will lovingly explore your current situation and I will share more detail about my style of work and how the process works.
  • If we are the right fit for each other, the next step will be to complete a questionnaire prior to our initial full day together. This will ensure that I’m clear on your desired outcomes, so that this experience creates maximum impact for you.
  • Our time together includes a blend of many different techniques depending upon your needs.  Prior to our first session, I am able to connect with you energetically and provide you with information that I believe we also need to touch on - outside of what is contained in the questionnaire. 
  • This time in preparation allows me to create a deep insight and explore parts of your story that may otherwise have been avoided or simply not deemed as important, (because we are just like that as humans.)

Our first session is an in-person full day at my home in Northampton.

  • Understand where and why your emotions are trapped.

  •  Reveal your deepest limiting beliefs and blocks.

  • Release these and work on the subconscious level to ALCHEMISE them.

  • Create a clear and agreed on plan for the steps required before our next session, which will be via Zoom.

    Only when we have completed this vital emotional healing, nervous system regulation and deep work on your beliefs - do we then have a solid foundation to build upon with strategic coaching.

    As you leave my house on the first day, you will experience immediate transformation from the inside out. I’ve seen it time and time again and can guarantee that this experience will be nothing short of incredible. 

  • In weeks 2 and 4, we will have a follow up sessions held on Zoom which will allow us to bring everything from our day to the table and examine exactly where you are now and how to maintain momentum. We will move through any blocks that have surfaced, so that the next steps towards your beautiful future are taken with confidence and clarity.

  •  At week 6 we have a further session via Zoom which allows us to create a clear strategy and roadmap to ensure continued progress, direction and action. This session will allow you to ask questions, dig deeper and explore everything that we’ve worked through so far, so that you can move forward with a plan firmly in place.

  •  You will have Voxer access to me for the six weeks to celebrate, check-in and feel safe through all that you are integrating.  

    (the full day starts from 9am and runs until around 3:30pm.  Zoom sessions run between 60-90 mins depending upon needs)

The price for the six week intensive coaching is £4,000 plus VAT (a 3-month payment plan is available).

A deposit of £400 plus VAT is payable to secure your booking once a date is agreed. The deposit is non-refundable and will be deducted from your total package cost (dates can be moved with a minimum of 48 hours notice).



The experience includes many therapies blended to create exactly what you need to know yourself deeply, connect back to your own wisdom and release stories/beliefs that are not supporting you moving forwards.

The techniques allow for head (beliefs), heart (emotions) and soul to align, rather than working on just one area.

Please note: this package or the Intensive online session are the only way for new client’s to book in with me initially. Thereafter any longer term support can be discussed and agreed upon.  

The 1:1 day is currently held in Northampton, England and you must be able to travel to attend that part or instead look to book the four hour intensive held on Zoom. Alchemise requires in person attendance for that day, please do not apply for this package if you are unable to attend in person.  

Often people then look to work with me for longer periods of time, depending upon their needs, once we are working together, further six or twelve month packages will be offered.