Up close and personal intensive experience, starting with a full day, in-person soul guidance and energy SHIFT followed by strategy calls for those who want to reclaim themselves, their lives and their desires.


The Alchemise Experience is about stepping out of the ordinary, pressing pause and giving yourself space for a deep remembrance. This is your time.

You will leave not only feeling lighter, but with clarity and a faith in yourself you never knew you could have. 


My intention for every person I work with is a full reclamation of themselves, together with a reprogramming that enables to not just think differently, but to feel differently.



Before we spend the day together, we will enter into an agreement that allows us to connect energetically, allowing me the privilege of exploring your soul blueprint and to sit with your highest self in meditation.

This will either make you excited or wonder WTF I am on about - both responses are perfectly okay!

This time in preparation allows me to create a deep insight and explore parts of your story that may otherwise have been avoided (because we are just like that as humans, we want to hide what we don’t want people to see).

The thing is, everything you are holding back from, everything that scares you and everything you really desire are all intrinsically linked by what you keep hidden. Allowing space for it all and understanding how to feel safe in yourself requires us to look not just at an action plan, but also to witness those parts of you.  Otherwise, we are caught in an endless trap of trying to control, feeling unsafe and forever being worried and overthinking everything. 



Our day together will include many therapies blended to create exactly what you need to witness yourself, connect back to your own wisdom and release what was never yours to carry. 

Together with ceremony we bring moments to the day to both honour and celebrate, forgive and create.

The techniques allow for head, heart and soul to align, evoking passion with more faith than you have ever had in yourself before.

You will leave the day feeling lighter with a clear strategy to move forwards; knowing how to regulate emotions, take action and make simple shifts to sustain your drive for your most fulfilling life. 

You will be able to contact me for the four weeks following our session to celebrate, check in and question all that you are integrating after our day together.

We will then have a 90-minute video call to ensure that you remain in progress, ignited and feeling confident with your roadmap forwards.

"She holds you, she hears you, she heals you" - Kelly Kluman


"I felt so safe to be vulnerable...

It will be the best investment of your time energy and money" - Victoria Spence

"I'm still feeling the full magic of it... it was completely life-changing" - Milly Peacock


If you know deep in your soul this is for you, get in touch.

Please note, there are limited dates available each month and a deposit is required to confirm the booking.  


"I found the one to one session with Wend to be magical and powerful. It's really hard to put into words just how incredible it was. 


I arranged the day as I was feeling stuck in a few areas relating to work and general life. Wend really helped me to heal where this feeling of 'stuckness' was coming from. As soon as the light was shone on where I was struggling, it created space for me to see the infinite possibilities for bringing more joy into my life and to feel empowered into making the impossible possible. 


I left the day having so much belief in the power I have to build and create a life led by joy. As well as the general energy boost I got from the day, I also had a down to earth working plan on how to make positive steps and changes. I have so much confidence in myself now to hold the power of what is possible.

Wend is full of magic but grounded in the real world and is just a joy to be around. I can't praise her enough and I would recommend a one to one session to anyone who feels stuck and needs a little nudge and love to set them on a joyful path." Amy Bott



"After a tough start to my year, I booked a full day of in-person coaching with Wendy — I knew her help was exactly what I needed when it came to the things I needed to process, let go and evolve with. 


The day was even more wonderful than I had imagined. Wend had already done plenty of preparation beforehand so we could get started straight away, and she made me feel so comfortable immediately. It can usually take me a little bit of time to open up to people and discuss some of the deeper stuff I have going on, but something about Wendy just makes me so happy to share these things in the knowledge that I can trust her completely, and that sharing will ultimately help me a lot more than holding anything back. 


I’d felt very caught up and overwhelmed for a long time, but throughout the day I could feel that weight on my shoulders getting lighter and lighter. We left no stone unturned, and something that was very important to me was that Wendy was very accepting of everything I brought to the table. At no point did I feel a lesser person, or self conscious of the thoughts I was sharing. 


We indulged in all of my favourite little rituals - including tea ceremonies, crystals, sound bathing, a burning ceremony and deep meditation to help me with the obstacles I was facing in life at the time. Alongside the conversations and coaching we did together, these rituals really helped to establish a tangible practice for me that I could then take home and repeat whenever I needed to feel the magic of that day again. There’s something about physically creating (or destroying!) something that makes it so powerful and very symbolic - making the healing process connect even more with something much deeper than surface level. 


I’ll never forget my experience on the journey home, I had this feeling of absolute bliss — as if I’d shed a skin and left it behind, ready to step forward and move on with my life in all the directions we’d discussed. I was finally excited again, ready to take on the world and follow my intuition with trust. 


Since our day together, I have left the job that was holding me down, transformed my relationship, taken the trip abroad that I’d dreamed of for four years and found my flow in my business without stress or having to force anything. 6 months later, the magic is still there. Not only was the day a really prolific moment for me, but Wendy gave me the tools to keep this practice flowing after I’d left — meaning that the journey I’d begun with her continued and wove its way into so many aspects of my life.


I’ll always remember our day as a real turning point for me, and I can’t wait to book my next one." Bec M