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It is time to OWN your story and realise that you are ENOUGH.

Are you tired of never feeling quite good enough? Do you play small and shrink yourself out of fear that you might fail? Are you filled with self doubt and lacking a sense of real purpose? Are you tired of starting projects with such full on gusto, only to find yourself bombing out completely?

I am here to help you rewrite your story and change your life. Life is too short to spend it doubting yourself and living in fear, it is time to unlock your potential and reclaim your power. The one thing that is standing inbetween you and achieving everything your heart desires is your mindset. This is transformational mindset work that will create huge shifts in your life from relationships to career, finances and wellbeing.

Before you know it we will have worked through :-

  • Dealing with negative self talk and over thinking.

  • Overcome fear of judgement from others.

  • Solve destructive habits that have had you feeling trapped until now and have blocked you from taking action.

  • Take control of overthinking and procrastination.

  • Find your purpose and act on it

  • Believe in yourself and believe ‘it’ is possible

  • Crack YOUR own code to completion and create a a story you LOVE



Start today & see it through, no matter how busy you are, stressed you feel or your life stage. You can change your story and it is your story to own.



I have learnt to complete and follow through on my own dreams - find out how I created a life that feels good in the inside every single day. This simple but powerful practice can work for anyone - I am proof



Nothing gives me greater pleasure than helping people complete, follow through and reap the rewards!

“Coaching with Wendy helped me take a look at my life holistically and then focus on the areas where I wanted to make change. Wendy is an incredibly positive person with a natural way of helping you see things from a different perspective and break things down into manageable steps.” - Katherine F.