"I am driven by seeing people thrive FULLY in all areas, which I believe happens when they can finally understand themselves" - Wend

Hi, I'm Wend, better known as The Completion Coach.


Contrary to popular belief, I don’t equip people with productivity tools and techniques to set them up for success, nor do I make promises that people can get more done in less time. I know I don’t!


What I actually do is help you understand yourself completely. Because with that knowledge you are able to really succeed in all areas of your life, especially the ones where you have found yourself repeating patterns over and over again in the past. 


You’re bound not by your circumstances, but instead the thoughts and feelings you have about yourself, creating whole stories and leading to habits and behaviours you’re engaging in to make yourself feel safe and secure.
Yes, even the bits that make no sense (in fact, especially those bits), we get to create long lasting deep change from an entirely different place.
You’ve created a story that you believe is true but until now, you have had missing information.  I'm pretty sure you believe you are capable of short bursts of getting things, you just aren't sure you can keep them!


To an extent, the story I told myself for a long time was similar...

Some might say totally fictional, illogical, irrational, etc.; but actually, it felt very real and very true. 


At that time in my life, I used a lot of distraction techniques; working long hours, drinking and plans to go to everything, smoking, shopping and more shopping, all on repeat. I was successfully busy and externally I was doing okay. Ironically a great financial adviser with the secret of being hugely in debt. Bouncing from relationship to relationship and finding myself chasing goals to try and find my value, because I was struggling to feel I had any.
A lot has changed since then. How I feel about myself has changed in a way that is difficult to sum up, but put simply, I value myself, I like myself. I can even admit to loving myself. Even the parts of me I thought were a total mess. The bits I hoped no-one would find out.


My own personal development and spiritual growth brought with them cognisance and awareness. I decided to also take on formal education in several areas to add another set of layers to the knowledge I had gained. I understand myself (and in turn now other people) in a way no one had previously been able to put into words before. 
My fascination and continuous education on many subjects is always ongoing, covering positive psychology, trauma, addiction, NLP, CBT, past life regression hypnotherapy, EFT, crystal healing, sound healing, astrology, breathwork, angel card reading and meditation.


Each and every client I’ve worked with is now equipped to finally understand themselves. 

From that they are able to free themselves, from old stories, patterns and importantly shame. From there they have a whole host of possibilities available to them, all from a completely different place.

No longer to be loved, accepted or needed, but to fulfil themselves and enjoy their life a whole lot more!

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