"Your story is what you have, what you will always have.  It is something to Own"


CHANGE Your Story: A THREE month coaching program

  • Do you find yourself constantly putting things off? Always talking yourself out of starting? Laying awake at night going over every decision, every outcome. Am in the right job/relationship/country?

  • Do you have a history of starting things and yet never finishing them? Overwhelmed with all the advice out there and seeing everyone else doing well actually puts you off. You hear “stay in your own lane” and take that to mean “don’t try, this isn’t for you, you stay there where you are”.

  • Perhaps, if you are honest with yourself you can see you have been numbing out with shopping, partying too much, scrolling and doubting. Overthinking is a daily hobby or you have simply become overwhelmed with a to-do list and information overload.

Too many of us find ourselves in this spot feeling confused, frustrated and in a funk - like we are existing going through all the motions, but not really living. There may even be feelings of guilt that you are not happy as you should be, because on the outside everything looks great in your life.

My signature completion coaching program, Change Your Story, is designed to address exactly these issues and connect you back with your life that leaves you feeling confident, capable and in control.

It’s time that you…

  • Felt excited for what’s to come

  • Decluttered all of the junk from your mind and your cupboards

  • Have the time, space and confidence to be more yourself and happy in your own skin

  • Transform your self-talk to positive so you can be more relaxed and neutral.  

What’s involved?

  • Over the course of the 3 month program we will start with a pre-session questionnaire, have our initial 2 hour coaching call, followed by an hour coaching & accountability call every 2 weeks. The calls are done via Skype or Zoom.

  • Tailored homework will be provided between the sessions to help support your progress and build on our time together

  • Interim help between sessions is also available from me via email and text so you can stay checked in and committed to changing your story - You get me in your back pocket for the three month period.

  • Accountability to keep you moving forward during our time together


For this 3 month coaching program the investment is £1,100 as an introductory rate. Payment plans and various payment methods are available (including card payments) - please just ask.

Contact me to ARRANGE A FREE CONSULTATION CALl to simply find out more about the coaching and see if it might be THE RIGHT fit for you:

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