After years of sailing through life on autopilot with no real focal points or goals to work towards, Wendy’s detailed & focused coaching has now given me the vision & clarity to have the courage to break free from the negativity & self doubt that had been holding me back. I am now taking on new challenges that I had always had the desire to tackle but never the belief!
— Karen M
I had my coaching booked with Wendy and to be honest, I didn’t go into it thinking much would come out of out.  Turns out I was wrong!!  After the two-hour session I really did feel a bit dazed yet fired up.  I realised I have spent the last 18 months avoiding things, so I didn’t have to complete them, but wasn’t really admitting that to myself.  The things I really wanted to do I have given myself more excuses than I realised.  After Wendy talked to me, I felt like really helped me narrow down what I do really want and how I can get there, in a way that will fit in with my family.   Fast forward two weeks and I have quit my job(!), applied and been offered another one that although lower pay initially, will get me where I want to be within the next year.   It’s feels so good to start 2019 in a way that I know I’m going to see things through!  Finally
— Kristy Mc
Last week I was fortunate enough to have a session with Wendy. I was nervous a it was a SKYPE session so I had to put my insecurities to the side. I am so glad I did!! Wendy put me at ease immediately and it was genuinely like chatting to an old friend. I’ve never known 2 hours pass so quickly. It was amazing to speak to someone who really understood the things I was saying. The feedback from Wendy was really insightful and certainly made me think about certain behaviours that I was allowing - speaking badly to myself being one of them! The notes from Wendy have been so helpful and concise, even if it does involve me speaking to myself in a nice way! I have had a few ideas milling around my head for my future and I have already put one of them into a draft format thanks to the belief that I can. Thank you Wendy so much for your amazing words of wisdom. I look forward to 2019 being the year that I finally complete things!
— Debbie H
Before speaking to Wendy, I had a few ideas in my head but wasn’t taking the time to really think about anything in detail or consider how to make them a reality. Coaching with Wendy helped me take a look at my life holistically and then focus on the areas where I wanted to make change. Wendy is an incredibly positive person with a natural way of helping you see things from a different perspective and break things down into manageable steps. Without this coaching I’m not sure how long it would have been, if ever, before taking a step in the right direction. Ultimately, Wendy has helped me to believe in myself and my goals and I cannot thank her enough for that.
— Katherine F
It’s very difficult when you are in your own bubble to spot patterns of your own behaviour or habits. Even when you’ve learned to observe yourself, it isn’t always possible to see yourself truly. Wendy helped me to recognise my patterns and habits and held a mirror up to my BS. The session with her was enlightening and uplifting, importantly it has given me the tools to succeed and sustain the path I’m on. She is not your typical coach, she brings to life an otherwise taxing journey. She is in it with you!!
— Becky M
I have been coasting through my life for a long time, a lack of confidence, feelings of not being good enough have plagued my decision making process for years! For a long time I knew I wanted things to be different, I just wasn’t sure how to get there. I began looking for more positive mindset posts on Instagram and discovered Wendy and the Notes to Self Journal. The positive posts struck a chord with me and I decided to give it a go. Journalling became a revelation, writing things down, breaking up tasks and taking the time to focus on myself really kick-started my change in mindset and I can honestly say, gave me so much clarity that it helped me find my why and for the first time in years, I knew where I wanted to go and the person I wanted to become. Now, despite this, the old me was still trying to get inside my head and tell me I am not good enough so I decided I needed a bit of help. I contacted Wendy and arranged a coaching session, this was a big step for me as I am not a big talker when it comes to myself and I approached the session feeling slightly apprehensive!

I really need not have worried, Wendy made me feel so comfortable, it was like talking to an old friend. Wendy guides the sessions really well, drawing on her own experiences where relevant to help you feel less like you are the only person feeling that way. The sessions helped me see things from a totally different perspective which was a bit of revelation really, especially when you have been looking at things a certain way for your whole life! There was no judgement at all and Wendy’s sense of positiveness and self belief is totally infectious and I came away feeling more confident than I have in years. Wendy’s support has been and continues to be amazing and I can honestly say my life has changed for the better, even though I am only at the start of my journey.

Wendy is a true advocate for The Completion Coach and someone who not only inspires me to be the best version of myself, she has given me the confidence to believe I can do it!
— Sarah H