A New Chapter: A one day immersion EXPERIENCE

Sometimes a standalone, in-depth immersion can be the perfect answer to your new chapter. This one day experience is perfect for you if you are looking to enjoy a really focused coaching experience that will be the springboard to achieving what you really want in your life. It will be fun, I promise!

Together we will design your new chapter!

This experience is made up of three parts…

Pre - a discovery call and preparatory questionnaire that will provide an in depth picture of where you are today, providing invaluable insight for me to plan our day.

During - our day together that will provide a combination of planning, transformation and action.

Post - a follow up call to promote accountability and keep you on track together with an email detailing our day together with worksheets to keep you on track.

A typical New Chapter coaching day involves…

Arranging a convenient, inspiring location to meet up. For example, the incredible Luton Hoo.

In the morning we will review your questionnaire and look at your current story and make a plan so that you are really clear on your own vision.

To follow this we will look at removing any blocks and obstacles to your dreams so that you can work around these challenges and stay committed

After lunch we will spend time building your confidence and self belief and arriving you at your own tool kit that will keep you fired up and focused well after you have left the session.

We will close the day with with my secret to meditation technique that will lock in the powerful transformation of the day and remove any fears around a daily practice.


For this one day coaching experience the investment is £850 as an introductory rate. Payment plans and various payment methods are available (including card payments) - please just ask.

To find out more about Your New chapter, please contact me using the form below. there is also a free consultation call available with no obligation:

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