Unlock your inner badass abundant self.

10 x 30 minute sessions with worksheets + more!

It's time to become Abundantly You.


Unlock your own, unique abundance frequency - learn how to create more, allow more, notice more and become the abundantly glorious soul you were born to be.

Welcome to Abundantly You.

Tuning into YOUR abundance flow.


If you've ever heard me speak, you'll know that one of my all time favourite sayings is 'Abundance looks different on everyone'. And did you know, finance is just one element of it.


Mates, it is about SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT. When you really get into tune with what it feels like with that flow, SO much more shows up than money.


Abundantly You will help you understand YOUR own abundance frequency.  


YOUR desires. YOUR perspective. YOUR flow. 



Get instant access to Abundantly You now for £199

Abundantly You is my lowest ever priced course, it has been purposely priced to be accessible to as many people as possible. 


Mates, I'm calling bullsh*t!


Right now in the world of coaching, I am seeing so many promises of '5k months' and 'creating a 6-figure business' being packaged up as abundance mindset.


Well, I call bullshit.

Generic money goals mean nothing.


Following someone else's '5 step plan' and defining yourself by numbers is problematic. You and your goals are unique, and success (and happiness!) is measured by way more than just figures.

Abundance is the appreciation of YOU.

Your version, your way. Doing your thing and being in flow with yourself to create pure magic.


Maybe somewhere along the way you lost your flow. Or you've never been in flow to start with?


Abundantly You is designed to get you back into sync, step and flow with what abundance means to YOU.

Enabling you to create it effortlessly and manifest like. a. boss. 

Over these 10 sessions, let's make sense of it all.


Guided by 10 x 30-minute sessions*, Abundantly You will open you up to uncover your own abundance frequency.


We'll make sure you understand how you can create more, allow more, notice more (and feel amazing doing it) and by default become ABUNDANT AF!


10 days of unlocking your abundance, your way.

Because (say it with me...)

'Abundance looks different on everyone'.


*All the sessions are pre-recorded so you can do them in your own time.

If you feel short on time, patience, money, joy, love, friendships or just plain exhausted - this is for you.


(Also, if you are fed up of reading every abundance book anyone has ever mentioned on social media, being told you have 'money blocks' or you're just unsure about what abundance even means, Abundantly You is your answer).

Watching these sessions alone will help you to become more mindful of your thoughts. However, watching the videos alone is never enough. You need to IMPLEMENT and EMBODY the changes to see the shift in your current reality.


We will of course talk about money during the sessions, as money is part of abundance too. But, this is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme (even though it's appealing as hell, right?!)


I'm passionate about people feeling good about wanting more, having more and receiving more.

Get instant access to Abundantly You now for £199

Abundantly You is my lowest ever priced course, it has been purposely priced to be accessible to as many people as possible. 



10 sessions.

Do them daily, or in your own time - the choice is yours. 


There are 10 x 30-minute sessions in total. Watch one per day, or in your own time. You will have lifetime access to all content.


Daily worksheet.


You'll receive a short power worksheet each day to use alongside our sessions.


Abundance & Manifesting Meditations.


Meditation is super powerful in helping us tap into our subconscious mind and will really allow you to get into the abundant flow mindset. These meditations will be available as downloads for you to keep and repeat, for life!


EFT Tapping Therapy.


You'll also receive an EFT (emotional freedom techniques) video to tap into your internal energy and abundance flow. Available to download and keep for life.


Access to a private members area of my website.


Login to my members hub on my website to access your daily videos, meditation and EFT tapping video.



Instant access to my 90-minute Shift Your Money Mindset webinar, worth £22.22

"It was a flipping fantastic course and I love the meditations - expand/grateful especially. I want to journal the socks off the final worksheet once I settle after a particularly abundant fortnight of doing things I love - taking a cricket coaching qualification, restarting weddings again at our venue, making a life-changing financial decision for our family...

I have tuned into you with the Notes to Self journals then The Big Shift. I jumped at the chance to hear you again and go deeper into what abundance looks like and who it makes me feel like.

Thank you for helping me change my metrics and learn how to walk hand-in-hand with my fear. I understand now that my superpower sits behind my fear. Awesome you."

"I thought the course was fantastic. When I look back at my mood on day one of the course and my mood today there must be some kind of wizardry. Mainly I took from it that I can focus on watering the grass where I am rather than worrying about where I want to be. Since trying this out my days have definitely felt way more abundant and I’ve been feeling genuinely happier. I’ve also been taking thank you walks and buying flowers and basically feeling high on Wendy potion. I’ll defo be going back to the course to listen again that’s a really nice touch. Thanks so much for your help (writing this whilst getting an abundant AF pedicure!)"

"I can’t thank you enough, the content was so thought provoking. The course made me hold a mirror up to myself and look at why I have this constant urge to buy things and put such a value on materialistic items which has a massive negative impact on me. It’s made me realise I am enough, I don’t have to live up to this image that everyone portrays of me and I have to stop comparing myself to people on Instagram - it is not real and it really doesn’t make me feel good about myself. It's also shown me exactly how much abundance I already have and for that I am grateful.

For someone who was on social media for several hours a day, I have removed the apps from my phone and can say I haven’t looked at social media since last Tuesday - I am so proud of myself. I feel lighter, I have more space in my head and I can’t be tempted to buy things!

I really like the way that the course was broken down in to little chunks and that I could work through it at my own pace. The way you talk really grips me and you may so much sense!

I do believe this course has already changed the way I view things and I believe its going to be life changing for me so thank you again! 

I would recommend this course to anyone!"

"Before joining I was in limbo with my abundance. I've spent years immersed in personal growth & coaching so I thought I had a grip on things. After this 10-day journey I worked out the missing piece. My eyes were opened & I genuinely feel happier knowing I'm on the path to greatness, such a sweet spot"

"10 days has flown by, been shocking, liberating & most of all - life changing."

"I absolutely loved your course! It was excellent. I cannot believe how much you managed to pack into a 30 minute session. All valuable information. The 10 days zoomed past very quickly- and I found that it was a lot to take in. What I am super grateful for is that I can go back into it and go through each episode again. I think going through the first time and making notes was a good way for me to do it. I have to go through and do some of the journal tasks still. Plan is to just go through the course again...and focus on my journals this time around. I had some major a-ha moments. The one that was so funny was the idea of always chasing the carrot and what if "you" are the carrot? That really resonated with me. I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz..who suddenly realises home was within her...she had the power all the time. Looking within and expanding my power, my magic...my abundance makes total sense to me. I am also thanking people...places....things...situations...thank you thank you thank you...I am so grateful....is becoming my go to :) A lot of releasing and expanding happening here. I am very grateful to you and your guidance."

"Wendy I loved the course and am going through it again as so much to take it. The way you talk and teach really resonates with me I think it’s how you keep it so real and simple."

"I can’t believe how much I’ve learnt about myself and my abundance (or lack of) in such a short amount of time."

"I don't quite know how you managed to fit so much into 10 days I'm still taking it all in! This was an amazing journey with a lot of light bulb moments!! You explain things so well and everything is easy to follow on this course. I know I will keep coming back to it again and it will help me over  and over when ever I feel stuck. Thank you so much for taking us on this amazing journey. Signing off ABUNDANT AF!."

"Abundantly You has given me some seemingly fail-safe new approaches to dealing with some of the habitual patterns and biological responses that I have when feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed. I am abundant as f**k in so many ways, negative and positive, so the future is bright!"

"I have just completed Abundantly You (the beauty of being able to do the course at your own pace) and just wanted to write to you to say wow, thank you. You have been the angel in my life that I never knew I needed and I see life so differently now."

"Thank you Wendy for your fantastic course Abundantly You! I watched a few of the sessions live but loved that I could catch up in my own time. The content was eye opening and has made such a big difference to me in a short amount of time. I really do feel more abundantly me! I would highly recommend this course, you won’t regret it. 

Inner Queen journal, Big Shift and Abundantly You make the perfect trio in my opinion if you’re looking to kickstart change for the better."

Get instant access to Abundantly You now for £199

Abundantly You is my lowest ever priced course, it has been purposely priced to be accessible to as many people as possible.