Hi, I'm Wend, better known as The Completion Coach.


Contrary to popular belief, I don’t equip people with productivity tools and techniques to set them up for success, nor do I make promises that people can get more done in less time. I know I don’t!  I also won't sell you a lifestyle, an income or the idea that you are simply brilliant and nothing has to change with you.  Because, it's not true.  I will not promise you things that I cannot deliver, because it leads you to believe it will be me doing it, when it's you.  Whatever we understand through working together, there then has to be action and that part lands with you.  


What I do is facilitate you to understand your patterns, how you are using your current toolbag to self-sabotage and how YOU change that.  We work together to map out what that will look life, in real life and how to make that action possible. 


I'm a coach that works on connection, emotions and self trust.  My work has always been about exploring what you won't or are at least reluctant to.  I have always been unconventional.  In life, in my job.  I approach things from a different angle. I am proud to say that I'm constantly reviewing how I work and I am always able to meet you where you are.  Our partnership together is one that will ensure maximum change for you.   


Many client's work with me on more than one occasion as they know that they will get something new, as we are both in different spaces.  Things will have shifted for us both as we both continue to evolve and grow.

Let's not pretend that I didn't have my own story, one that now feels like an entirely different life…


Now by no means was my life what you might consider rock bottom, in fact, that’s why it was easy to let it happen for so long - because from the outside looking in, it looked fine and for me, because it was so deeply rooted in how I felt about myself, it seemed normal. 


At that time in my life, I used a lot of distraction techniques and numbing out; working long hours, binge drinking and plans to go to everything, smoking, shopping and more shopping, all on repeat. I was successfully busy and externally I was doing okay. Ironically a great financial adviser with the secret of being hugely in debt. Bouncing from relationship to relationship and finding myself chasing goals to try and find my value, because I was struggling to feel I had any. 


A lot has changed since then.  As in, EVERYTHING.  When I say it is difficult for me to now comprehend how I was, I mean it from deep in my heart.  To be crystal clear, this does not mean that I live a problem free life with no fears or worries - it means that I have a very different approach to dealing with them and how I communicate with myself and the rest of the world.  I know myself openly now and trust myself in a way that enables change, even when I'm shitting myself!   


My studies and qualifications on many subjects are always ongoing, covering accredited integrated trauma informed coaching, positive psychology, CBT, EFT, QHHT, hypnotherapy,  somatic relief reprocessing, crystal/sound healing and meditation.  I use a blend of what is needed with each client individually.  No two sessions are ever the same.


Each and every client I’ve worked with benefits from my lived experience as well as my qualifications, not because I coach you to 'do as I do', but because you will see that I am living proof that a 360 change is possible without having to 'start over' or abandon your current life. You will be able to truly understand yourself on a much deeper level. That enables you to unravel stories, create change that lasts and open yourself up to so much more.  

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